Colloquium 2012 Webcast

Colloquium 2012 Webcast


We hope you enjoy this free webcast of two sessions from Colloquium 2012: “Half Jewish?” The Heirs of Intermarriage, presented by the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism. You can read about the complete Colloquium program, as well on details on our featured speakers, on our  Colloquium 2012 page.

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Colloquium 2012 DVDs now available

Want to experience the entire Colloquium weekend, from Keynote to Conclusion? Now you can on 5 high-quality DVDs. All major sessions, panel discussions, graduation, and Shabbat and Havdallah celebrations are included. The complete Colloquium 2012 is available on DVD from the IISHJ for only $30 – visit our publications page for purchase options.

The opening session of Colloquium 2012: Welcome by Rabbi Adam Chalom, A “Half Jewish” Life by Maya Escobar

Rabbi Adam Chalom (Dean-North America, IISHJ) – “The Power of Half Jewish”