International Federation Directory

International Federation Directory


Over its years of operation, the International Federation of Secular and Humanistic Judaism (IFSHJ) fostered connections between far-flung Secular and Humanistic Jewish communities. While there are varying understandings of what exactly it means to be a secular Jewish community, the contacts listed here share a common understanding of, an organizational history with, or an active connection to Secular Humanistic Judaism.


Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations – visit their local affiliates page.
Society for Humanistic Judaism – visit their local affiliates page.


Australia – Kehilat Kolenu:!koleinu/c20g9. Organizing in Sydney: Ian Bersten,
Belgium – Centre Communautaire Laïc Juif [Secular Jewish Community Center]:
Brazil  - Judaismo Humanista:
France – Liberté du Judaïsme [Free Judaism]:
Israel – Tmura-IISHJ:
United Kingdom – Humanistic Judaism UK:
Uruguay – Identidad: