Musician Program

Jewish music is incorporated into celebrations, ceremonies, and inspirational programs of Secular Humanistic Judaism. The Musician Program trains candidates to serve as music directors for the communities of the movement.

Admission Requirements

  • Membership in the Secular Humanistic Jewish movement
  • Completion of application form
  • Two letters of recommendation, preferably from leaders in the Secular Humanistic Jewish movement
  • Interview with the Admissions Committee

Professional training as a musician is preferred but not required.  For more information or to request an application, go to Admissions and Financial Aid.

Requirements for Graduation

  • Completion of 6 credit hours of weekend seminars
  • Completion of 6 papers or projects, one for each seminar
  • Reading Proficiency in Hebrew or Yiddish

The required weekend seminars for the Musicians Program are: Roots of Secular Humanistic Judaism (SHJ 100), Basic Ideas of Secular Humanistic Judaism (SHJ 110), Celebration of Jewish Calendar/Holidays (JC 200), History of Jewish Music (JC 130), Music of Secular Humanistic Judaism (JC 220), and Music Direction for Communities (JC 230).

Students in the Musician Program are required to perform certain fieldwork tasks appropriate to their training, to be developed and supervised in consultation with the IISHJ Associate Professor of Professional Development and a designated Leader/Madrikh(a)/Vegvayzer or Rabbi. The Associate Professor of Professional Development also advises students on program paper or project topics.