Introduction to Secular Humanistic Judaism


Introduction to Secular Humanistic Judaism - A 3-Part Adult Education Curriculum

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Are you looking to connect with your Jewish identity but not through traditional religious Judaism? If so, you may be interested in learning more about Secular Humanistic Judaism, which celebrates secular possibilities to connect with Jewish culture.

Written by Rabbi Adam Chalom, this curriculum of 50 sessions is designed for individuals or communities who want to teach themselves about Secular Humanistic Judaism. Each unit includes:

  • introductory essays on the topic
  • bibliography and recommended readings
  • discussion questions
  • suggested answers for course facilitators to guide discussion

The three sections of Introduction to Secular Humanistic Judaism are:

  • Introduction to Jewish History (20 sessions)
  • Introduction to Jewish Culture (15 sessions)
  • Philosophy of Secular Humanistic Judaism (15 sessions).

Click here for sample lessons from "Introduction to Jewish Culture." For previous purchasers, click here for corrections and updates to "Introduction to Jewish History" and "Introduction to Jewish Culture."

For those interested in using Rabbi Sherwin Wine's A Provocative People: A Secular History of the Jews as a textbook for Introduction to Jewish History, here are suggested readings for each unit

Read an overview of the complete curriculum.

"Introduction to Jewish History"

I. Introduction

II. Ancient History

a) Origins
b) Monarchy
c) Yahvism
d) Exile + Torah Creation
e) Priestly Period
f) Greeks + Maccabees
g) Romans and Revolt

III. Medieval History

a) Rabbis
b) Islam
c) Spain
d) Ashkenaz

IV. Modern History

a) Kabbalah, Shabbetai Zevi, Hasidism
b) Enlightenment and Emancipation
c) Antisemitism and the Rise of the Jews
d) Nationalism
e) Holocaust
f) America
g) Israel

V. Conclusion

"Introduction to Jewish Culture"

I. Introduction


IIa. High Holidays and Major Festivals
IIb. Minor and Modern Jewish Holidays


IIIa. Birth and Bar/Bat Mitsva
IIb. Marriage and Death


VIII. Varieties of Jewish Culture


IVa. The Torah
IVb. The Tanakh [Hebrew Bible]
IVc. Mishnah, Talmud, and Midrash
IVd. Liturgy
IVe. Modern Jewish Literature


V. Jewish Music and Jewish Art
VI. Lifestyle and Diet
VII. Languages

IX – Conclusion

"Philosophy of Secular Humanistic Judaism"

I. Introduction


II. Reality and God
III. The Nature of People (Anthropology)
IV. Truth
V. Ethics
VI. Politics and Social Ethics
VII. Jewish Identity
VIII. Jewish History

IX. Past and Present


Xa. Yiddishists
Xb. Zionists
Xc. Haskala, Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism
Xd. Great Thinkers: Jews and Non-Jews
Xe. Contemporary

XI. Conclusion

Listen to Rabbi Adam Chalom speaking about Secular Humanistic Judaism at Georgetown University.

Price: $50 per section, $125 for all three
Call 847-383-6330 or email to order.