Support IISHJ

Support IISHJ

The work of the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism is only possible because of the generous support of those who value the work that we do. We are a crucial piece of the puzzle for the long-term flourishing of the Jewish people. Some are happy with conventional religious Judaism, from Orthodox to Reconstructionist. A large number, perhaps even a majority, have voted with their feet and their bodies: “none of the above.”

Are they all self-identified Secular or Humanistic Jews?
Of course not. We represent the lifestyle and beliefs of many cultural and unaffiliated Jews, and we speak to their need for  community, inspiration and Jewish connections.

Your support for the IISHJ is a vote for the future of Judaism:
Diverse, vibrant, appealing to many perspectives. There is a Jewish home for every member of the Jewish family, and we need to build it.

Credit card donations by phone are very welcome:

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