The IISHJ offers professional programs to train rabbis, leaders, and ceremonial officiants for Secular Humanistic Judaism.

Each program provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to function effectively in our communities, while also facilitating working and learning on their own during their course of study.

The IISHJ also offers a Master’s Degree (unaccredited) program, as well as many opportunities for continuing Jewish education.   jerris-wed The programs of the Institute are centered on a series of weekly and weekend seminars in a variety of fields: Jewish history, Jewish culture, Secular Humanistic Judaism, professional skills, and Jewish music. For more information on IISHJ Programs, as well as questions regarding admissions and financial aid, please contact our office at or 847-383-6330.

IISHJ previously offered separate programs for Jewish Educators, Spokespeople, and Music Leaders. These specializations are now suggested concentrations within the Leadership Program, and classes in these subjects are available to all learners.

You can also read what our alumni have done with their training.

The tuitions costs are $200 per credit hour. We have a number of tuition assistance programs:  tuition scholarships, travel aid, and work-study fellowships. Additional local community seminar fee applicable for Leadership and Officiant Programs.