Contemporary Humanistic Judaism



Contemporary Humanistic Judaism: Beliefs, Values, Practices

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Millions of Jews connect to Jewish culture and identity without being religious. Humanistic Judaism was created to meet their needs for meaningful education, inspiration and community. Humanistic Jews are positive believers: in human agency, in social progress, and in their own authority to create new Jewish culture while adapting their traditional inheritance.

For the first time, Contemporary Humanistic Judaism: Beliefs, Values and Practices assembles some of the most important ideas, essays, and texts of the founders and contemporary leaders of the movement in one volume. A human-focused approach to theology, ethics, spirituality, and the Jewish experience defines meaning and purpose for Humanistic Jews. An open and welcoming approach to Jewish identity, from intermarriage to conversion, is appropriate for the multicultural twenty-first century. Meaningful Humanistic Jewish expression draws on Jewish culture, from literature to art to food to music. The lived experience of Humanistic Judaism through liturgy, holidays, life cycle celebrations and education integrates the movement’s beliefs with its practices. 

Contemporary Humanistic Judaism is an essential collection to understand the needs and values of today’s secular and Humanistic Jews – ideal for individual exploration, group discussions, and classroom settings.

Here is a book that speaks wisely and powerfully to the secular Jew who feels connected to the Jewish story — but who seeks a path to connection and meaning without traditional God-worship. Contemporary Humanistic Judaism is the crucial primer that’s been missing for all those who want to understand the foundational ideas of Humanistic Judaism and how to find the path to a vibrant Jewish life expressed through liturgy, ritual, education, celebration, and yes, the transcendent. 

  • Abigail Pogrebin, author, My Jewish Year: 18 Holidays, One Wondering Jew and Stars of David: Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish

Finally, a book that all Jews and beloveds can wrap heads around! Contemporary Humanistic Judaism is a must read for everyone who ever felt like a “bad Jew” for not believing in God, for intermarrying, or for otherwise not conforming to traditional movements’ constructions of Jewish identity. 

  • Dr. Keren R. McGinity, author of Still Jewish: A History of Women and Intermarriage in America and founder of