God-Optional Judaism

God-Optional Judaism: Alternatives for Cultural Jews Who Love Their History, Heritage, and Community


God-Optional Judaism

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God-Optional Judaism is a wonderful, chock-full resource for families and individuals who want to find their place in the Jewish world without necessarily believing in God. Funny, accessible, and open-minded, the book touches on key elements of Jewish history and philosophy, all the major holidays (food recipes included!), and contemporary issues of intermarriage, education, conversion, feelings towards Israel, and spirituality.

It offers alternative, nontheistic ways to celebrate every Jewish holiday and all the rites of passage in life, details the historical significance and development of the Jewish religion and culture, and furnishes anecdotes, quotes, and resource information.

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  • Introduction
  • Chapter One – What Kind of Jew Am I?
  • Chapter Two – Jewish History
  • Chapter Three – Alternatives to the Big Three
  • Chapter Four – Reclaiming Our Jewish Holidays
  • Chapter Five – Lifecycle Observances
  • Chapter Six – Now What?