Jews in the American Labor Movement: Past, Present, and Future



Jews in the American Labor Movement is a concise but complete summary of how Jews have influenced, and been influenced by, the Labor Movement in America. From the early beginnings on the Lower East Side, to Hollywood, to present day labor and race issues, Jews have been at the center of the power struggles that working people face. This short retelling looks at aspects of Secular Jewish culture and traditional Jewish beliefs, and how those have inspired workers in America to organize and demand justice.

Bennett Muraskin is a staff representative for the Council of New Jersey State College Locals, AFT, AFL-CIO. He is a writer for Jewish Currents magazine, a frequent contributor to Humanistic Judaism, and his articles have appeared in New Politics, Outlook, Israel Horizons, American Jewish History and the New Jersey Jewish News. He is the author of three books: Humanist Readings in Jewish Folklore (2004), Let Justice Well Up Like Water (2004) and the Association of Jewish Libraries Guide to Jewish Short Stories (2011), and a co-author of Celebrating Jewish Holidays: An Introduction For Secular Jewish Families and Their Communities (2002).

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