Judaism Beyond God


Judaism Beyond God

Judaism Beyond God is available from the following places and more.

New paperback edition from Amazon.com: $12.99

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Also, call 847-383-6330 or email info@iishj.org to order.

Judaism Beyond God presents an innovative secular and humanistic alternative for Jewish identity. It provides new answers to old questions about the essence of Jewish identity, the real meaning of Jewish history, the significance of the Jewish personality, and the nature of Jewish ethics. It also describes a radical and creative way to be Jewish – new ways to celebrate Jewish holidays and life cycle events, a welcoming approach to intermarriage and joining the Jewish people, and meaningful paths to strengthen Jewish identity in a secular age.

“This influential book should be required reading for any Jew who defines themselves as atheist or agnostic. Sherwin Wine’s secular Jewish philosophy of life changed my life for the better, and it might change yours.”—Rabbi Greg Epstein, New York Times Best Selling Author of Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe

“Rabbi Sherwin Wine created a new approach to Judaism that was at once philosophical and practical. He affirmed that it is better to live with integrity, even if that requires courage and creativity. If you ask yourself, ‘what is non-religious Judaism,’ or ‘how can I celebrate holidays and life cycle events in harmony with both Jewish culture and Humanistic values,’ you should start here. Rabbi Wine offers both challenges and solutions. This book is both important and astounding.”—Rabbi Sivan Maas, Israel’s First Secular Humanistic Rabbi, Dean Tmura—IISHJ

“As a secular Jew, Wine’s words are a potent balm: comforting and inspiring, in equal measure. In this thoughtful, sound, clearly-articulated book, key aspects of contemporary Jewish identity are explored and explained with sensitivity, insight, and — above all — reasonableness. For those of us who advocate humanistic values and rationality, and simultaneously embrace our Jewish identity, this book is home.”—Phi Zuckerman, Ph.D. Author of Living the Secular Life

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Rabbi Sherwin Wine on discovering what one truly believes.