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Learning Bible Today: From Creation to the Conquest of Canaan

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Are you looking to teach your children about Bible stories from a secular perspective? Written by Madrikh Michael Prival, this book can help you teach the Bible to kids by presenting major Biblical stories in a readable and accurate manner. Learn how to discuss the stories from a scientific point of view with your children. Aimed at grades six and up, this book includes both stories and detailed discussion topics that are helpful in teaching the Bible to kids. The entire text is available online – printed copies are available from the International Institute of Secular Humanistic Judaism (spiral bound).


Note to Parents, Teachers, and Other Readers

The purposes, outlook, and origins of this book

Introduction: What Is Religion? What Is the Bible?

How Did Religion Get Started?

Where Did the Bible Come From?

What Is the Hebrew Bible?

What Is the Difference Between the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible?

Why Do We Study the Bible?

Time Line Overview of the Bible and Jewish History

Chapter I. Origins – Earth and People

The Story of Creation

Adam and Eve, the First People

Cain, the Jealous Brother of Abel

The Time When There Were Giants on the Earth

Noah and the Great Flood

The Tower of Babel

Chapter II. The First Israelites

Abraham and Sarah, the Promise from God

Abraham Smashes the Idols

Abraham Avoids an Argument with Lot

Abraham Argues with Yahweh

Isaac Is Born to the Sound of Laughter

Ishmael and Hagar Are Cast out of Abraham’s House

God Tells Abraham to Kill His Son, Isaac

Isaac Marries Rebekah

Esau Sells His Birthright to His Brother, Jacob

Jacob Tricks His Brother, Esau, and His Father, Isaac

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob Gets Married – Twice

Jacob Leaves Haran Jacob Wrestles with an Angel, Gets a New Name, and Meets his Brother Esau

Chapter III. Joseph in Egypt

Joseph and His Brothers

Joseph and Potiphar – and Potiphar's Wife

Joseph Explains Some Dreams

Pharaoh Dreams and Joseph Becomes Ruler of Egypt

Joseph Sees His Brothers Once Again

Israel (Jacob) and His Sons All Settle in Egypt

Chapter IV. Freedom

Moses – from a Basket to Pharaoh’s House

Moses Burns Himself

Moses Rescues a Hebrew Man and Leaves Egypt

Yahweh Speaks to Moses from a Burning Bush

The Israelites Gain Their Freedom

The Waters Part! The Israelites Escape!

Chapter V. Wandering in the Wilderness

Complaints and Miracles – Food, Water, and a Battle

The Israelites Receive Ten Commandments

Commandments, Commandments, and More Commandments

Yahweh Prescribes Religious Rituals

i. Sacrifices at the Temple

ii. Some Laws and Rituals

iii. Food Rules

iv. Do Not Oppress the Stranger, Except Sometimes

v. Crime and Punishment

vi. Yahweh Will Reward the Israelites for Following His Commandments

Moses Is Criticized for Marrying a Cushite

The Israelites Anger Yahweh and He Announces Their Punishment

The Rebellion of Korah the Levite

Moses and Aaron Are Punished for Disobeying Yahweh

Chapter VI. Return to Canaan

Along the Road to Canaan, the Conquest Begins

From Moses to Joshua

Joshua Sends out Two Spies

Crossing over the Jordan and Conquering Jericho The Israelites Settle in the Land of Canaan

Rabbi Peter Schweitzer Discusses The Torah in Humanistic Judaism

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Price: $19.95
Call 847-383-6330 or email
info@iishj.org to order.Learning Bible Today is now available as an E-book: Kindle, Nook, iBooks and more.