The IISHJ offers seminars for adult Jewish learning and for specific academic and professional programs. Our weekend seminars (courses at 100 and 200 levels) are open to the public and are offered at a variety of North American locations over intensive weekends. You can view our current schedule of seminars to find one in your geographic or interest area, or contact our office to be sent our current academic calendar. We plan to offer our first online course soon – please contact us for more information or if you want to be notified when it is available.

Weekend seminars are both educational and inspirational, as well as powerful community-building experiences and PR opportunities. If you are interested in bringing one of our seminars to your community affiliated with the Secular Humanistic Jewish movement, please review our guidelines or contact our office at or 847-383-6330.

Credit from a weekend seminar towards an IISHJ professional program includes assigned reading, attendance at the seminar, satisfactory completion of response questions, and for the Leadership Program a paper or project. IISHJ graduate seminars (required for the Leadership, Master’s Degree and Rabbinic programs) are offered as week-long summer courses with advance reading and required seminar papers. Students have one year to fulfill the written requirements for each seminar.

IISHJ Seminars are organized under the following departments:

Upcoming IISHJ Seminars